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Using the self-serve AI Jingle Maker, you can create spoken jingles / sweepers in a snap.

🌟 Now I offer you custom sung jingles, handcrafted by me.

You can purchase a bespoke package and I'll take care of the rest. Based on your script, I'll generate your sung jingles with AI and edit them with FL Studio. You'll receive a high-quality audio file ready for broadcast, both in MP3 and WAV format.

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📧 I'll immediately follow up via email to discuss your project in detail.

📦 Your jingle(s) will be delivered in 24 hours.

🎁 As a bonus, you will receive 30 free AI credits!

I'm looking forward to creating your jingles. I'll make sure they sound great!

Bear in mind that I'm based in London, UK so I might be sleeping when you place the order! 🙏

Your handcrafted jingles will be mixed with

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I've handcrafted those sung jingles for our customers